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The Walking Dead – It takes Brains to Succeed

The Walking Dead had its second season premier on Sunday, Oct. 16 and will be followed by an additional 12 episodes. 
Walking Dead is a television series focused on surviving the horror of zombies based on the comic book series of 
the same name, which is currently in its 16th volume.
Since 1968, Zombies have invaded the big screen with George Romero's Night, Dawn and Day of the Dead trilogy, 
to the more recent video game based Resident Evil series starring Milla Jovovich. 
Since Halloween night 2010, the Walking Dead have been invading households and received critical acclaim since. 
What makes Walking Dead unique is the story is based on a continuing story, not just a single script.
Before season two began production, reported executive producer Frank Darabont, who stepped down as 
executive producer in July had let his writing staff go, 
including his second in command, executive producer Charles "Chic" Eglee.
The report also suggested that Darabont might not hire a new team of writers to pen Season 2's 13 episodes, 
but would instead assign scripts to freelancers. 
Which in turn would give the show a fresh start and continue being successful as well.
Executive producer Glen Mazzara has stepped up to be the series' new show runner, according to Deadline.  
Walking Dead season two will air on AMC Sundays until November 27 then resume after a winter 
intermission on February 12.

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