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Video Game Arcades Phasing Out


With the introduction of home consoles, arcades began to see a decline in business while kids could play games sitting at home.

Studio Brow is about advancing the future and maintaining beauty which is already there. Video games are a prime example of that process.

From Pong to Pac-Man, the early eighties saw the golden age of video games with companies, such as Atari and Konami, creating many memorable titles which revolutionized the world of computing.

In the early nineties was when many home consoles to market with Super Nintendo and Sega Genesis. It was then that most video arcades began to see less business and needed to close.

More recently, with the availability of live gaming titles such as Call of Duty and Halo, two of the biggest arcades in the United States have shut their doors this year, Chinatown Fair in New York City and Arcade Infinity in Rowland Heights, California.

There is, however, an online search engine called Arcade Fly which helps locate arcades, and if the business is closed it will have zero games listed.

Fortunately for gamers who love the nostalgic play experience, several game companies, namely Namco and Atari, have released collections for home consoles of their arcade treasures such as Namco Museum featuring different versions of Pac-Man, and Atari Classics Evolved which features Centipede, Lunar Lander and other legendary titles.

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