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Do Actors like to Watch the Movies they Star in?


Do actors watch their own movies from time to time?

Studio Brow wants to let you know what we find out.

There are a few actors we found out who cannot stand to see themselves on the big screen and then there are actors who can’t get enough of themselves, who would probably watch themselves in movies all the time.

Leonardo DiCaprio admitted when he became famous he acted very arrogant.  “You’re treading in dangerous territory when you begin thinking you’ve altered the course of history,” he said.

Some actors may feel the need to analyze their performance so that they can improve on technique for the next time, which they do not approve when well in that specific movie. Possibly the next time they will be determined to perform better.

Others, however, do not like the feeling of watching themselves on a screen as it may adversely affect future performances.

Some actors say it is kind of weird and try not to.

Johnny Depp said he actually cannot watch his own movies because of his own performance.

Depp explained to David Letterman why he does not watch his own movies on, as he was on “The Late Show” to promote Public Enemies, a movie in which he stars and has never seen.

“In a way, once my job is done on a film, it’s really none of my business,” Depp told Letterman. “I stay as far away as I possibly can… I don’t like watching myself.”

Without parents’ consent, there have been child actors who said they were not allowed to watch the movies they were in because of them being rated R.

Of course, when actors go to their own premieres it is hard to miss themselves on the big screen. A lot of them go to the big movie events where all of the people in the movie and other famous people watch their movies.

More coming soon from Studio Brow.

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  1. I never realized I had something in common with some of these guys…though I’ll still watch Johnny Depp in non-Pirates movies…

    December 8, 2011 at 7:51 PM

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