The Cosmetic Ultralounge

Discontinued Foods

From time to time going through the grocery store, people see new styles and flavors of their favorite foods. Unfortunately,  some of the trendy brands discontinue some of the tastiest and stylish versions.

Studio Brow intends to keep our services and products in with as many people as possible so everyone has a chance to experience.

Some of these foods include:

Crispy M&Ms

Pepsi Blue

French Toast Crunch

Butterfinger BBs

 Sprite Remix


Magic Middles

Waffle Crisp


These short lived products will be remembered but may never have shelf life again.

More soon from Studio Brow.

One response

  1. Oh, man! I forgot about Waffle Crisp! I used to like those when they were out!

    December 23, 2011 at 5:56 PM

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