The Cosmetic Ultralounge

Tips to Save Energy

By Gunner Glam

When it comes to balance even in the visible color spectrum, green is where the center of attention needs to be.

Studio Brow is about giving a positive and energized experience and would like to give some tips on some simple ways so people can conserve energy.

1. Set the Thermostat –  Have a thermostat installed which can be manually programmed with the home’s heating and cooling system. Be sure it is set comfortably low during the winter and as much high in the summer.

2. Lower the Water Heater Temperature – It will definitely save to set the water heater to 120 degrees Fahrenheit.

3. Wash the Dishes or Clothes – Unless it can take on a full load, do not use the dishwasher or washing machine. Follow the full load guideline.

4. Drying Dishes – Instead of using the heated drying cycle, air dry dishes.

5. Use Cold Water to Wash – Not only reducing hot water usage, it is better for clothes if they are washed in cold water.

6. Take Showers – Instead of baths, take short showers. For a shower the amount of water used and heated is significantly less.

7. Use Power Strips – Instead of using every socket, plug electronics into power strips. When powering down, use the power strip to turn off the electronics to prevent the stand-by mode from drawing unnecessary electricity.

8. Turn off Computers and Monitors – Power down computer and monitor when each are not in use. Contrary to what many have said, turning computers off and on will not cause damage. If the computer is used at different times, be sure to set the power save options.

9. Use Compact Fluorescent Lights – To light your home, use compact fluorescent bulbs. Not only do these bulbs save energy, they last longer than traditional bulbs.

10. Look for the Energy Star Label – Purchase products that have the Energy Star label on them. Every Energy Star product meets specific guidelines by the US Department of Energy.

-Check back for more coming soon from Studio Brow-

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