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Achieving Excellent Eyebrows

By Gunner Glam

Having an exciting look does not just happen, it needs to be discovered first.

Studio Brow would like to give some tips on how people can find a look and shape with suits them.

Eyebrows add strength and definition to the face. Well groomed eyebrows enhance beauty.

Eyebrows should be plucked before bedtime so any redness will disappear overnight.

In shaping eyebrows, use facial features and a pair of slant edge tweezers that grip the hairs easily. Comb hairs one way then the other to remove loose hairs.

Pluck hairs between the brows and any left overs. Do not remove the hairs from above the eyebrows.

Pluck each hair individually close to the root. Try to work in the direction of the growth.

Be sure to avoid over plucking. In defining the eyebrows, choose a shade similar to the natural hair color.

When using a pencil, apply in small and feathered strokes.

Start at the inner corner work outwards and blend the color with a brush. To tame stray hairs, just use hair gel and comb through to neaten.

Brush brows upward and carefully trim any excess hair above the top of your natural arch.

Be careful not to take off too much at the ends or there will be brow “bald” spots.

Look closely at the shape; the brow should begin at the tear duct, peak at the outer edge of the iris and end at the outer corner of the eye.

Did you know your eyebrow is supposed to start directly above the inner corner of your eye?

The highest point should be just a little beyond the outer corner of the iris and should taper off to the end!

-More coming soon from Studio Brow-

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