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Good and Evil

By Gunner Glam

Studio Brow has taken pop culture and cosmetics and merged the two together. If people are having a bad day and visit one of Studio Brow’s locations, they are sure to leave with a positive mood and a beautiful look.

Since the dawn of humankind there has been conflict. Conflict arose when two disagreed and where two disagreed, thousands were forced to choose a side.

The television series Twin Peaks brought to life two characters that represent good and evil in humans; FBI Special Agent Dale Cooper and BOB.

Disclaimer: This post contains minor spoilers; please proceed with caution if you have not watched the show.

With his passion and determination for solving the mysterious murder of teenager Laura Palmer, Dale Cooper played by Kyle MacLachlan, symbolizes the good that instills people.

BOB, played by Frank Silva, with his possessing of humans and drive to instill terror and pain among the residents of Twin Peaks, symbolizes the evil that lies within the human spirit.

As with the Yin-Yang, everything good can still have some evil in it and likewise everything evil can still have a little good.

*Spoiler Alert*

As seen when Dale Cooper becomes a doppelganger version of himself and when BOB stops another evil character, Windom Earle, from killing Agent Cooper.

*End of Spoiler*

Throughout the series, numerous characters are introduced. Some come in on a bus and some by dreamscape.

In an interview, series director David Lynch said actor Kyle MacLachlan was perfect for the role of Dale Cooper because he had the look of someone the audience could enter a strange world with.

On BOB, Lynch said the character was conceived after a mistake occurred where set decorator Frank Silva was captured in a mirror shot.

Prior to this incident, one of the set directors told Silva not to get locked in the bedroom being filmed in and the thought of him trapped in the room with the mirror shot inspired Lynch to write this character of evil into the script.

Before production of the series, Lynch and Mark Frost, who co-wrote the series, pitched the town as a small, quiet place with trees that blow in the wind while doing hand gestures that sold the studio on it.

Twin Peaks, with a pilot seen by 36.4 million viewers followed by 29 episodes and a feature length film called Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me, had a nation watching every week during its airing from 1990 through 1991.

Twin Peaks was key inspiration for other mystery and suspense shows, such as The X-Files and Lost.

Studio Brow would like to ask after a slice of cherry pie and cup of coffee in Twin Peaks, come visit one of our locations for a good eyebrow wax or threading service with a smile.

-More coming soon from Studio Brow-

2 responses

  1. This will be quite weird – but one of the things that I loved in Twin Peaks were Shelly’s eye-brows. No really, I could not stop looking at them, I thought they were divine! 😀
    Twin Peaks will always be my favourite TV show ever 🙂

    January 18, 2012 at 11:57 AM

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