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College: Working Smarter, Not Harder

By Gunner Glam

Although taking steps for plans after graduating from high school are important, there are less expensive ways to go about getting into college, going to trade school and entering the work force.

Studio Brow would like to give a few tips on ways to go about the college experience, while giving people a good look.

Because universities know that high school juniors and seniors are desperate to get into college, they charge for every step a high school student must take.

Where it all beings.

With the PSAT and SAT tests, college applications, enrollment and boarding if the students live on campus, guidance counselors will emphasize these steps be taken and of course fail to mention everything that will have to be paid back later and then some.

The best way for students to see for themselves is to take the SAT exam once and find out if will be worth taking again or pursue a different route.

There are community colleges that work specifically with state schools to provide affordable means of taking prerequisites and transferring.

In the end, students will either thank themselves or regret debt.

Best thing to do in college is keep in close contact with an academic advisor to help select classes each semester and follow guidelines how graduation can come at the appropriate time.

Are low grades because of lazy students or professors who just give bad directions?

Rating a professor through an online web site is not always a bad idea. Although students tend to be hasty if professors are not an “easy A,” there are still some who are problematic with being helpful, accommodating or understanding of students’ circumstances.

One thing to look out for is the quiet, hard grading professor. You know, those ones who do not take attendance, lecture the entire class and do not care when homework is handed in or to have students read the text books. But when the first paper comes back with marks all over it and a low-grade, it always gives people a big surprise.

It is one thing to give real constructive criticism, but another to totally mislead students into thinking they will not have to work as hard and then give them backlash for it.

Many of them should retire.

Is it really financial aid?

If students take out loans but do not fulfill the amount of classes they originally thought, often they will receive a refund check for the allotted amount of loans unused for that particular school year.

However, unless students ask the registration office, they tend to think the school is giving them free money and can spend it on whatever their hearts’ desire.

That is until they receive a letter stating they need to pay it back.

Always find out before spending.

No talking in class! Literally.

Cellular phones should be kept on persons for emergencies and only be used during class times as such. However, they still should be allowed and not confiscated if accidentally ring.

Feeling tired?

“Why are you falling sleep in class?!” “Maybe I was up all night studying or finishing a term paper.”

There are times when students need to crunch studying time for midterms and finals, but should space it out over the course of a few days instead of a lot in just one day.

For example, if there are four chapters to read or an eight page paper assigned Monday and due on Friday, it would be wiser to read one chapter or complete two pages a night against waiting until Thursday to read all four or complete all eight.

Every cloud has a silver lining.

Good aspects of college life, of course, are living on campus, eating in a dining hall and getting involved with clubs and organizations which are all worth the while.

Meeting new friends and forming professional relationships with folks in the same major is always good.

Ultimately, students should maintain steadiness when going to college and take careful steps before getting into the whole situation.

After all, college is a wonderful and exciting time and only so many have an opportunity to attend. Therefore, each semester should be recognized as a building block to a great career.

-More coming soon from Studio Brow-

2 responses

  1. Ha, I wish my students could read this!

    I think many students misunderstand the politics of being a professional adult in college (and mistake college as an extension of high school) until they learn the hard way. For example: my boyfriend (who is also a graduate student) had to lecture a student who spent the entire class period (during a large lecture class) looking at pictures of scantily-clad women and soft-core images….. that everyone behind him could see. It’s not even about whether or not he should be looking at pornography—it’s about public classroom etiquette! That’s definitely a private recreation and distracting!

    March 20, 2012 at 9:03 PM

    • Of course, it is not 13th grade and beyond, it is about learning the fundamentals of the work force and starting a career. It is nice when professors are willing to be tough but fair at the same time. Cheers =)

      March 20, 2012 at 9:49 PM

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