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Studio Brow to open Meriden Location

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MERIDEN, Conn. — What if there was a place where you could go for a reasonably priced esthetic service? What if this place were ideal for both men and women to visit? What if this place had Vegas energy and futuristic Manhattan style?

Every once in great a while; amidst a world of plain vanilla, lack luster and lifeless storefronts rises a phoenix of hope.

With two established locations in the Milford and Trumbull malls, Studio Brow is developing into a franchise business and plans to expand across the country. Studio Brow Inc. chose Meriden as its next stop for expansion and will be opening fall 2012.

This fun and fresh concept is not only appealing to mall goers but savvy entrepreneurs alike. Studio Brow is an electrifying, high def infused and very alive destination for anyone with eyebrows, eyelashes and a desire to look and feel amazing.

Studio Brow’s futuristic look, premium decor and tier trade tools position the company to make customer experience its first priority.

The new location’s design will be the most vibrant, eye-popping and intricately planned of each of the stores so far.

Since 2008, the services offered at Studio Brow include eyebrow waxing and threading, lash extensions, tinting for brows and lashes and full face and chin hair removal.

From retail products, personal custom high-definition television, to an in house training and certification program, every offering is approached with great planning and integrity by experienced technicians who welcome all customers.

Studio Brow features a yearly membership for customers who frequently visit which provides discounts on products and services.

With lash extensions provided by Xtreme Lashes®, Studio Brow takes a clean and fresh approach to customer service.

According to the online web site,, “Consumers across the world have made Xtreme Lashes® the most popular brand because they want to be serviced only by trained and certified beauty professionals.”

Open seven days a week during mall hours, people can visit Studio Brow 10 am to 9:30 pm Monday through Saturday, and Sunday 11 am to 7 pm.

In addition to providing services, Studio Brow sponsors professional athletes, such as WBC Middleweight Boxing Champion, Elvin Ayala, and Whelen All-American Series race car driver, Keith Rocco.

Part of the success of any business is directly related to its location and demographic. Studio Brow is currently mall based, which provides convenient driving distance and opportunity to support growth for this business model.

The location of each Studio Brow plays an intricate part in the development of the company’s brand design and recognition.

For further information about the company, please email or visit, or

-More coming soon from Studio Brow-

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