The Cosmetic Ultralounge

Enjoy Your Weekend!


By Gunner Glam

After a productive week, there are many activities one can participate in that will make a fulfilled and adventurous weekend!

Studio Brow would like to share some with you! =)

Checking out local museums and town events.

Standard activities that you can count on just about every weekend include going to the movies and shopping trips including used book stores and coffee shops.

Special events such as professional sports, concerts, theater productions, dances, canoeing, community service opportunities, athletic events, swimming, skiing, skating, art walks, singing and cooking.

One could also go on trips to Canada, Boston, NYC and ones that are a total mystery. Take some time to dine out, go sledding, use a sauna, make camp fires with special snacks on any given weekend throughout the year.

Some favorite outdoor weekend activities to lead are surfing, downhill mountain biking, camping, hiking, star gazing sleeping under a full moon, rock climbing, rappelling and ice climbing.

Indoor activities include photography, spending time with family and listening to a variety of music.

After any of those, definitely a LOT of relaxing.

-More coming soon from Studio Brow-

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