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Studio Brow Inc.

Corporate Headquarters

7 Sycamore Way suite 1

Branford CT 06405

877.611.2769 (BROW)

Milford CT Post Mall

1201 Boston Post Rd

Milford CT, 06460


Westfield Trumbull

Shopping Center

5065 Main St

Trumbull CT, 06611

203.374.2769 (BROW)

Westfield Meriden

Shopping Center

Meriden CT, 06451


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    • Thank you as well Walter! We do as well, a lot of interesting posts on your page as well.

      Respectfully Yours, Studio Brow

      November 30, 2011 at 2:10 PM

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    • Hello to you as well, and thanks the same. I am glad you took some time to check us out, we are always looking to get involved with more people. We look forward to your posts as well!

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    • Thanks very much, Josefine! That means a lot to us, and we are definitely about putting the people who visit our stores and read us online first and providing the best customer service possible. We like keep it about everything and not just our services =) You do the same.

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