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Lip Gloss for 2012

By Gunner Glam

Studio Brow is always here when other places turn people down. This includes being here to make their lips shine like glitter and diamonds.

Today we will highlight super high-shine lip gloss trends for 2012.

As we know that all type of parties are important for us and in those parties, people like to look different from others.

For ladies, makeup is very important when going out.

Super shine lip glosses are famous and popular among the ladies.

When this type of lip gloss is added to your makeup, you look beautiful in evening, night and dance parties or any type of occasion.

Select your own shades which match your dresses as well as your color and face tone for a better result.

Over the past few years, it has become an ever growing trend of lipstick and lip gloss shopping in an equal ratio.

Every season has its own colors whether it be in clothes, makeup or shoes.

Similarly, there are a few trends or colors in lip glosses that look the best in the winter.

In winter it is better to use the high pigmented lip glosses.

They give the feel of lipstick with bright colors and a little bit of shine and sheen as that of a gloss.

The colors of lip glosses in winter should be bright, such as cherry red and bright pinks.

The creamy lip glosses can give a bold and glamorous effect but it is best to use them with a lipstick.

An innocent pink can a great choice during the day.

Lip gloss trends in the winter keep lips moist which protects them from getting chapped.

There is also a wide range of lip balm available which comes in different shades.

This can be excellent for your lips during the winter:

  • Grace’s Jewels
  • Marilyn’s Diamonds
  • Audrey’s Rose
  • Modernitly Mulberry
  • Freshly Buff
  • Blaze of Glory
  • Jessy No. 19
  • Purplish Nightfall

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Eye Shadow Trends 2012

By Gunner Glam

Studio Brow would like to present the latest eyeshadow trends for 2012, according to Health Care 9.

While people attend wedding, dance and evening parties, they tend to desire to look different from others.

As such this kind of makeup helps them look beautiful, stylish and eye catching among the crowd of the party.

Party or evening makeup is a specific kind which is different from the casual.

Some of the noticeable spring makeup trends have been featured on the runways of fashion week.

Pastel colors for spring along with bright eyeshadow have made their way to the faces of celebrities.

The spring 2012 collection has a softer look more natural barely there colors of smoky eye, bronzes and pink blush update looks with these pastel eyeliner shades of pear green, lilac, silver shimmer, soft baby blues, subtle orange to light yellows.

For the best effect, put a deeper color on the lower eye underneath the lash for maximum strokes of a upward movement making the face look fresh and new. Mixing these colors to achieve dynamic looks is possible by picking at least three to five eyeliner colors that complement each other, and putting on one color first then blend the rest starting from the inner eye moving outward towards the brow.

Come out from the shadows with an excellent look.

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Makeup for a Rainy Day

By Gunner Glam

Ever had an amazing time putting makeup on in the morning but step outside in the middle of a downpour just to have it all smeared? Don’t worry, Studio Brow would like to provide some tips on how to avoid ruining makeup on rainy days.

Some of the best ways are with:

  • Concealer mixed with Origins GinZing Eye Cream
  • Waterproof Mascara
  • Tinted moisturizer and powder
  • Blush
  • Lipstick (because wind plus sticky lip gloss plus hair flying all over the place equals messy)

Primer mixed with foundation is helpful in the rain, along with curled lashes, tubing mascara, blush and powder. If not, use an oil-absorbing primer.

Choose powders over crèmes. Generally, powders have a better chance of absorbing oil and moisture. Most crèmes don’t. Mineral powders really do their job on rainy days, as they are water-resistant while maintaining the kind of medium coverage that’s needed in everyday makeup.

Opt for waterproof mascara. This may be more difficult to remove than your regular mascara, but it keeps you from getting those nasty black streaks under the eyes. And while you’re at it, pick for yourself waterproof eyeliner, as well, to make sure your eye makeup stays in place.

Smallest amount

Wear the smallest amount of makeup possible if you are planning to go outdoors on rainy days. But if you have to wear eyeshadow, pat on some concealer to make the powder adhere to your lids.

Don’t forget to use waterproof mascara to prevent unsightly raccoon eyes. For blush, a cream or liquid formula is best, as long as you apply it before setting your foundation with powder. A slight swipe of powder will make the color refuse to budge, resulting in streaky cheeks.

However,  waterproof makeup should not be used on a regular basis.

Never use waterproof makeup every day. At the most, use it twice a week because prolonged use of waterproof makeup can darken your skin, especially delicate areas like your lips.

Waterproof makeup strips the skin of moisture. For instance, waterproof mascara can make eyelashes brittle and silicone can dry out your skin, so always moisturize properly and remove all traces of makeup afterwards.

Also, disregard makeup when you don’t really need it. While it sounds like common sense to avoid using makeup in places such as the beach or while doing water sports, you’ll be surprised at the number of people who insist on using mascara, concealer and blush when they know they’re going to get drenched anyway.

How to fix rain-smeared makeup

Don’t spend your entire lunch break fixing your makeup. If the rain made you look like a mess, here is what you can do for a quick cleanup:

Runny mascara – First of all, don’t forget to use waterproof mascara if the weather looks overcast. Too late for that! With your ring finger, gently wipe away the smears (it should be easy enough to remove) and pat on some concealer and pressed powder over any smears that refuse to budge.

Streaky blush – Do not attempt to fix your blush by piling on more and more powder; it’ll only make the streakiness more obvious. Instead, wipe away the original layer with tissue and start anew.

Smeared eye shadow – With a sponge, blend the smeared portions so they don’t look like weird splashes of color on your lids. Then using a brush or your fingers, lightly dot fresh eye shadow onto your lids. Try to use neutral colors like cream, brown or pale pink so any mistakes will be minimized.

Caked powder – Pat, not rub, a piece of tissue over your skin. Then with a fluffy brush, swipe powder over key areas such as your T-zone. Avoid using a used powder puff, as this might contain oil deposits.

Makeup Base

  • Beginning at the base it is worth mentioning that often the main cause of smudging is the excessive foundation use. Those who find it indispensable might still use a thin coat of it however it should be preferably water resistant. Moreover choose the right shade that’s closer to your natural skin tone.
  • Powder will prove to be the best tool to offer a slight shimmer and mask the beauty flaws at the same time. This will stick to your complexion rather than any kind of foundation. It will require a quick touch up during the day, however it guarantees the spotless effect.
  • Those who have a great complexion should totally eliminate this product of the daily makeup list, instead it is more advisable to use a concealer than to apply a sheer powder.

Eye Makeup

  • Rain immediately means waterproof mascara. Since a normal mascara would quickly smudge when in contact with humidity it is recommended to use a special formula that will resist the extreme weather conditions.
  • It is a well-known fact that these products can’t be washed off so easily. However with the use of the proper makeup removers this problem will be also ruled out.
  • Makeup artists also recommend switching the dark eye shadows with the more natural and sheer colors preferably also with a waterproof quality. The colors of the season offer endless options to look great even if the weather outside is gloomy.


  • It is a common mistake that ladies seem to commit during each monsoon season. Namely that they use a blush with an inappropriate texture. The rainy days scream for complex compositions, that’s why it is a golden rule that when sporting a monsoon-proof makeup we should choose a mousse or cream blush that can resist the impact of humidity.
  • The makeup gurus often neglect the use of blush during the fall season instead practice a smashing trick. They use a bit of lipstick you can spread with your fingernails and the effect is just as gorgeous as with the use of blush.

Lip Makeup

  • Lip gloss is the top notch no-no beauty product of the monsoon season. It might get in contact with humidity which can result in smudging and at least said unflattering look. That’s why you should rather rely on high quality lipstick that will fabulously top your makeup. There are several formulas and brands on the market that guarantee a long-lasting effect.
  • Make sure you test it beforehand in order to avoid any lip makeup accidents. You can either go for the blood red lips effect or rather for the classy and natural makeup trends. Choose the one you can pull off with great style in order to perfect your monsoon look.

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The Eyebrows: Window Frames to the Soul

By Gunner Glam

Eyebrow –

  1. The bony ridge that extends over the eye.
  2.  The arch of short hairs that covers this ridge.

Idiom – Caused raised eyebrows.

Latin origin – Supercilium.

The eyebrow is an area of thick, delicate hairs above the eye that follows the shape of the lower margin of the brow ridges of some mammals, especially humans.

Their main function is to prevent sweat, water and other debris from falling down into the eye socket, but they are also important to human communication and facial expression (our favorite part).

It is not uncommon for people – women in particular – to modify their eyebrows by means of hair addition, removal, makeup or piercings.

The typical curved shape of the eyebrow, with a slant on the side, and the direction in which eyebrow hairs are pointed, ensure that moisture has a tendency to flow sideways around the eyes, along the side of the head and along the nose.

The slightly protruding brow ridges of modern humans could also still play a supporting role in this process.

Together with the brow ridges, the eyebrows also shade the eyes from sunlight.

Eyebrows also prevent debris such as dandruff and other small objects from falling into the eyes, as well as providing a more sensitive sense for detecting objects being near the eye, like small insects.

Psychological Functions

Eyebrows also have an important function in communication by strengthening expressions, such as surprise or anger.

There are makeup artists who view eyebrows as a major feature in defining the face. The eyebrows shape the human face and give definition to one’s eyes and forehead.

Depending on the shape of the eyebrows, it sometimes can cause what is known as a false facial expression, such as a person’s eyebrows shaped to seem as if the person was angry, but really isn’t.


In a study published by MIT, where subjects were asked to identify celebrities with either their eyes or their eyebrows digitally edited out, the subjects were able to recognize the celebrity 46 percent of the time with their eyebrows edited out, compared to 60 percent of the time with their eyes edited out. The findings indicate the importance of eyebrows in providing cues to an individual’s identity.

Eyebrow modification

Eyebrows are a major facial feature. Cosmetic methods, like waxing and threading, have been developed to alter the look of one’s eyebrows, whether the goal is to add or remove hair, change the color or change the position of the eyebrow.

Several options for removing hair to achieve a thinner or smaller eyebrow, or to “correct” a unibrow, including tweezing, waxing, threading and electronic tweezer.

The most common method is to use tweezers to thin out and shape the eyebrow. Waxing is becoming more popular. Lastly, there is threading eyebrows, where a cotton thread is rolled over hair to pull it out. Small scissors are sometimes used to trim the eyebrows, either with another method of hair removal or alone.

Some people wax or shave off their eyebrows and leave them bare, stencil or draw them in with eyeliner, or tattoo them on. In Western societies, it has become more common for men to pluck part of their eyebrows.

To create a fuller look, eyebrows can be cloned in an eyebrow transplant: Individual strands of the eyebrow are mimicked to create a natural-looking eyebrow of the desired shape. Eyebrow brushes and shaders are used to further define the eyebrow. A fairly recent trend in eyebrow modification is in eyebrow tinting: Permanent dye, similar hair color, is used on the eyebrow, often to darken them.

An eyebrow lift, a cosmetic surgery to raise the eyebrow, usually to create a more feminine or youthful appearance, is a new phenomenon.

They can be affected during a face lift or an eye lift. More recently, doctors inject patients’ eyebrows with botox or similar toxins to temporarily raise the eyebrow.

From the eight century, many Japanese noblewomen practiced hikimayu, shaving or plucking the eyebrow hair and painting smudge-like ones higher on the forehead. Shaving lines in eyebrows is another cosmetic alteration, more common among younger people in the 1990s and 2000s.

Eyebrows can make or break a person’s entire look, according to makeup artists and brow experts in the field.

They can make your eyes look droopy when they’re not, or make you look angry when, in fact, you’re not.

This is why it’s essential to be very cautious when grooming your brows. There is a very fine line between a perfectly shaped brow and an overly tweezed brow.

If you think about it, your brows, even when big and bushy, have very little real estate on your face. One or two plucks too many can leave you with a pretty scary shape.

See a brow expert who can help you assess what you need to do in order to get the most flattering brow shape for you. This is where Studio Brow comes in.

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