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Lip Gloss for 2012

By Gunner Glam

Studio Brow is always here when other places turn people down. This includes being here to make their lips shine like glitter and diamonds.

Today we will highlight super high-shine lip gloss trends for 2012.

As we know that all type of parties are important for us and in those parties, people like to look different from others.

For ladies, makeup is very important when going out.

Super shine lip glosses are famous and popular among the ladies.

When this type of lip gloss is added to your makeup, you look beautiful in evening, night and dance parties or any type of occasion.

Select your own shades which match your dresses as well as your color and face tone for a better result.

Over the past few years, it has become an ever growing trend of lipstick and lip gloss shopping in an equal ratio.

Every season has its own colors whether it be in clothes, makeup or shoes.

Similarly, there are a few trends or colors in lip glosses that look the best in the winter.

In winter it is better to use the high pigmented lip glosses.

They give the feel of lipstick with bright colors and a little bit of shine and sheen as that of a gloss.

The colors of lip glosses in winter should be bright, such as cherry red and bright pinks.

The creamy lip glosses can give a bold and glamorous effect but it is best to use them with a lipstick.

An innocent pink can a great choice during the day.

Lip gloss trends in the winter keep lips moist which protects them from getting chapped.

There is also a wide range of lip balm available which comes in different shades.

This can be excellent for your lips during the winter:

  • Grace’s Jewels
  • Marilyn’s Diamonds
  • Audrey’s Rose
  • Modernitly Mulberry
  • Freshly Buff
  • Blaze of Glory
  • Jessy No. 19
  • Purplish Nightfall

-More coming soon from Studio Brow-